Perfect pairings – Sausage and beer



Round lager – Thyme and red wine flavours are easily highlighted and we can taste the authentic Italian flavours of this sausage. A lager with a round palate or liquor-like will beautifully reveal the gardener’s secret spice blend and offer a great pairing. The lager’s residual sweetness goes well with the seasonings.


Round dark beer – This sausage is rich and flavourful and will surely please anyone who likes BBQ sauce and whisky. The taste of paprika and chili pepper is perfectly highlighted with the roasted notes of dark beers. The smoothness of the sausage and the residual sweetness of the beer offer a tasty match.


Bitter amber beer – This spicy sausage will please anyone who enjoys a hot bite. The different spices all dance in harmony and this sausage offers intense aroma and a perfectly balanced spicy taste. Try it with a bitter or sharp amber beer – the bitterness will balance the spiciness, for a truly punched pairing.


Light amber beer – This lightly seasoned sausage highlights the taste of the pork meat Montreal-style with hints of dill. Light amber beers with their subtle caramel flavours are the perfect match to this very mild sausage served as an aperitif.



Light brown beer – The pepper is strong and let the mushroom flavours shine. Light brown beers and their roasted malt and sugary aromas are the best pairing for this sausage. The contrast isn’t overwhelming, which let more subtle aromas blend to perfection. The king of this pairing here is obviously the mushroom, to the delight of your palate.