RESTAURANT TRENDS – Sharing a charcuterie platter


Reasons why restaurants and bars should offer cured meat platters to their clients

As a chef or restaurant/bar owner, you must always find new offerings without having to spend hefty amounts of money and without compromising your production rhythm. You want to keep your clients talking about your dishes, you want them to come back. This is the key to your success.

Adding this kind of platter to your menu will make a huge difference for your clients without taking over your whole kitchen. Why don’t you offer cured meat and cold cut platters?

We LOVE to share

Serving a platter filled with sausages, rillettes and cold cuts is a sure way to please every single guest around the table. People love it, because sharing fuels conversation and creates a nice and friendly setting. This is a great way to introduce what’s to come.

These products do not emit strong smells of garlic or seafood and will not disturb the people sitting at the bar or at the surrounding tables.

A great aperitif

Since cured meat and cold cuts are universally loved, they may encourage people to stay a little bit longer at happy hour or bring more friends around the table. Salted flavours and rich textures will certainly whet their appetite!

Make sure you offer wine and beer pairings to encourage your clients to make interesting beer, wine or cocktail discoveries.

Simple, convenient and ever-changing

In addition to revamping your menu, cured meat and cold cuts do not take over your whole kitchen space. They’re quick and easy to prepare and do not require using special kitchen equipment. You won’t even have to use excess plates and platters, except for serving them. You can even stack platters prepared in advance to save some time.

Avoid wasting food with these types of platters, since everything can keep for a longer time without spoiling. Indeed, when unopened, sausages and deli meat can be kept during a whole year in the refrigerator, while pâtés and rillettes can be kept up to two months.

The only thing left to do is replace the sides (mustard, mayonnaise, homemade ketchup, vinegars, etc.) on a regular basis in order to constantly offer new creative combinations.
Take a look at our products in order to raise the average bill and improve the general ambiance of your institution.