What’s in a dried sausage?

The growing offer of cured meat makes it hard to know which ones are truly worth it. Artisan sausages and cured meats are face to face with their industrial counterparts, which forces us to stop and read the labels and fine print to be able to differentiate them. Many people are raising questions regarding the ingredients – where does the meat come from? Which parts of the animals were used? What kind of preservatives were added to this sausage?

It is impossible to answer these questions for the other sausages makers, but here, at Pork Shop, we know exactly what was used to make our sausages. Here goes:

Raw material

Our pork is "Certified Humane" and comes from a local farm. What does this mean? Here’s a short video shot at the F. Ménard farm with Chantal Fontaine, which explains everything you need to know (in French): https://youtu.be/ZuQw-uRN_DE

Meat cuts

We only use entire pork shoulders and we grind it ourselves, at the shop. There are absolutely no offal or other animal parts in our sausages, guaranteed. Our sausages have entirely natural casings.


We never add any fat to our sausages. The only fat there is in our sausages is naturally contained in the shoulder, which gives a great 80% meat and 20% fat ratio.

Lactose, gluten and so on

All our sausages are not only gluten and lactose free, but they are also free of the 10 most common allergens in Canada – peanuts, eggs, milk, nuts, wheat, soy, sesame, seafood, sulfites and mustard.

Nitrite pickling salts

We add the least amount possible to our sausages in order to comply with the regulations. Did you know that contrary to popular beliefs, cured meats only account for 10% of the food intake for nitrites and nitrates in adults? Read the following article from the Centre de référence en nutrition de l’Université de Montréal to learn more: http://www.extenso.org/article/les-...

The magic touch

Of course, our sausages also contain spices, herbs, great wine, real whisky (no flavouring), passion and love, in carefully measured or excessive proportion! Next time you see Pork Shop products at your grocery store, you’ll know what they are made of! Do not hesitate to pick them up and bring them home to taste the incredible results of our handmade process.