Discovery: Lachsschinken

We did not come up with this blog title tripping on our keyboard. We are introducing our new sliced product - our lachsschinken. 

Lachsschinken is a German deli. Its versatility and its flavours made it impossible for us not to share it with you. You might twist your tongue trying to pronounce its name, but you will forget about it once you taste it.


Our lachsschinken is made with Quebec pork loin (of course!) rubbed with salt, sugar, and spices. We let the meat absorb the flavours for seven days. Once the dry cure is done, we rinse the pork loins and cold smoke them for a few hours before they are put in a cellar to dry for two months.

During this aging process, the pork loin develops characteristic smoked salmon flavours, hence the name which means salmon ham in German.

How to enjoy it

Pre-sliced for your convenience, here is how you can enjoy this delicious deli.

  • Replace prosciutto with lachsschinken in your recipes. Many prefer it to prosciutto which contains four times more fat.
  • The traditional German way to enjoy this deli is served like smoked salmon on toasted bread with creamed cheese, onions, and capers. Surprisingly delicious.
  • To keep it simple, serve it on a platter with our signature dried and cooked Pork Shop sausages, along with our rillettes.

You will also score big time if you use lachsschinken next time you play Scrabble.