Take an ITHQ alumni, add considerable know-how of the restaurant industry, top it with a tremendous culinary curiosity, whisk in flavours and spices that had never met before, a quality- and traceability-oriented mindset, the desire to share good times, and the pleasure derived from good food. Toss everything together and you get Les Charcutiers Pork Shop, a craft charcuterie.

Established in 2013, the young company grows fast. Recently spotted by Sobey’s executive personnel during a tasting event, Pork Shop sausages can now be found in all IGA supermarkets. Backed by a growing network of delicatessens, bars and restaurants that distribute its charcuteries, Pork Shop now crosses the Quebec border and makes its foray everywhere else in Canada.


We only use animal welfare labelled pork shoulder from a local farm. The meat is ground directly at the shop, and we do not add any extraneous fats to the mix. We fold in flavours that have never been added to traditional charcuteries before, and we ensure a perfect balance between meat and spices. We take pride in offering lactose- and gluten-free products that boast a list of great ingredients. The product appeals to restaurateurs who use it in its ready-to-eat form, but who also tend to incorporate our charcuteries in their dishes and culinary preparations.