The king of pizza toppings: The Pepperoni


Although it sounds Italian, pepperoni was not invented in Italy but in the United States. During the 20s, an Italian immigrant wanted to create a charcuterie that was halfway between fresh sausage and salami. He dreamed of charcuterie that immigrants working in the United States could slip into their lunch boxes. As a nod to his mother tongue, he named it “pepperoni” which does not mean anything although it sounds Italian. “Peperoni” (with only one “p”) on the other hand, is Italian for “bell pepper.” As years went by, this charcuterie gain popularity and made its way to the top of the North American pizza toppings. More than 1/3 of pizzas eaten in the US are topped with pepperoni.


Pepperoni is made of pork and/or beef. Like dried sausages, pepperoni is made of ground meat and spices stuffed in a natural or artificial casing. It is cooked, dried or fermented to obtain different textures. The original American pepperoni is typically dried, but the one we find in Quebec is mostly cooked.

Pork Shop’s take on pepperoni

We are as crazy as you are about a good all dressed pizza, but we failed to find pepperoni to our taste. That is why we decided to make one as we like it. Our pepperoni, like all our products, is made out of certified humane Quebec pork shoulder. We aimed to create a pepperoni by the book with as little ingredient possible. That is why we never add flours nor starches to our mix. As for seasoning, our pepperoni is slightly spicier, and we add a touch of Quebec red wine to give it its unique flavour. Either you use it to top your pizza, make a sandwich or serve on a charcuterie platter, you will love this pepperoni’s authentic taste.