What you will never find in our deli


Like us, you want to know what you eat, and you like to know which ingredients are in your food. That is why we make sure our deli has the shortest list of ingredient. Here is an overview of what you will never find in our product.

Mechanically separated meat

All our delis are made with Certified Humane pork loin. We know which part of the animal is used and the condition the animal was raised in. We make sure our meat - the main ingredient of our deli - is of the best quality.

Monosodium glutamate (MSG)

MSG is added to enhance food flavours. It creates what we call umami. You will never find this ingredient in our deli as our recipes are naturally delicious. Trying to improve their tastes would be useless.

Flours and starches

You can find flours and/or starches in many cooked sausages like pepperoni and bologna sausage. Sausage makers use them to add weight at minimal cost. Flour and starch hold the water in the sausage while it cooks. They reduce weight lost during the fabrication, but they are not essential to make excellent sausage.

Modified milk substances

Like flours and starches, modified milk substances imprison moisture in the deli and reduce the cost of fabrication. Our philosophy is to use our skills to reach the desired textures and avoid such ingredients.


Sometimes, producers add coloring to their sausages to make them more appealing. They do so to hide the fat, which can trick consumers. We do not use unnecessary ingredients because we love our product’s colors. We know you like it too and that you won’t stop eating it.

The best way to choose your deli is to look at the list of ingredients. Any ingredient you don’t recognize is a red flag.