Our kielbasa sausage, you have to try it!


Maybe you’ve seen our newest addition in your deli section, our cooked kielbasa sausage. You may wonder where it’s got its strange name from. Kielbasa is a sausage from Poland where its name means sausage. If you wonder what kolbasa is, know that it is the French name for this sausage.

We have worked within the traditions of sausage making to bring you this quality product. Its recipe is relatively similar to the original one. We have respected the criteria of the Polish Meat Industry in Warsaw, an association in charge of publishing the quality standards of meat products. Our kielbasa sausage is made from Quebec pork loin, garlic, and spices. We smoke it to give it its excellent taste. Like for all of our products, we work hard to use as little ingredients as possible. You will never find artificial flavours, colouring or filling agents like flour or starch in our kielbasa.

How to enjoy kielbasa?

To enjoy kielbasa, you can serve it sliced on a deli platter. You can also eat it in a sandwich with tangy mustard and pieces of lettuce. If you feel adventurous, here are two recipes to help you discover this delicious sausage; grilled kielbasa tacos, and beer braised cabbage, apple, and kielbasa.

https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/grilled-kielbasa-tacos https://www.ricardocuisine.com/hiver/recette.php?c=recettes-economiques&id=5858

Bon appétit !